Supermarket for skills. And jobs.

Skillific (co-founded by me)
#IA #UI #Front-end
November 2014 – April 2016


Finding the right job and right people for a job are challenging. Skillific is a new kind of job market that aims to make it easy.

In Skillific, jobseekers set their personal skills and skill-levels. Employers post job ads against the same set of data. Skillific also provides both parties with the average market price for the aforementioned skillset.


This novel approach allows for the extremely fast pre-processing of information, and an equal and transparent playing field for further negotiations between both sides.

I created information architecture, user-flows, layouts, design and HTML/CSS code for the service. I also conducted user testing, interviews and analytics.

Identity by Markko Karu


CV entry form

This is how employers search for employees – by listing required skills.