Neighbourhood's good conciliator

OÜ Tarkvaralabor
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#IA #prototyping #visual_design
October 2017 – November 2019


A reliable company, market leader in it's segment of SAAS for management of apartment associations, has not seen a design refresh for close to 10 years. Some of the problems were:

  • Interface was not usable on smartphones
  • Workflows too complicated for majority of simple use cases
  • Drab brand


  • A new, simplified and responsive web app for common use cases. Also packaged as a mobile app.
  • Cleanup of the old interface.
  • A new brand (by Markko Karu).

Client Rain Eennsaar:

"It was our idea to find a designer who has a fresh and outside look at our problem. Finding the best solution was a struggle and involved quite a lot of discussions and compromises. In overall Sven was flexible and reliable partner to work with, suggesting great ideas that he was also able to defend and execute."


Korto screenshot.
Views for common use cases – reporting meter readings and reviewing associations's financials.

Korto screenshot.
A new feature in responsive app – electronic voting.