Avita e-lesson

The teachers' secret superpower

Avita, Estonia's leading textbooks publisher
#IA #visual_design
August 2011 – October 2012


Teachers, especially young teachers, spend more time preparing for lessons than they spend giving lessons. This makes them sad teachers and a sad teacher can’t make smart children.

The challenge is how to provide everything for a modern teacher's needs – lecture notes, photos, graphics, videos – in a single, convenient package.


E-lessons reduces the burden of preparation. It contains all the material a teacher needs to know to conduct lessons successfully. It also contains audio/video materials and homework for to any given lesson, and the ability to easily connect a projector in the classroom to present this material to students.

21% of students' grades improved when an e-lesson was used in school. 80% of teachers rated e-lesson as "comfortable" or "very comfortable" to work with.

Project done while employed by Nortal, visual design in cooperation with Hendrik Väli.


Avita e-tund app screenshot
Main view with list of lessons and progress visible

Avita e-tund app screenshot
Presentation view with green lesson “progress bar” visible.

Avita e-tund app screenshot
Pre-filled, but editable conclusion of the lesson, ready to be submitted.