EU funding management

Bureaucratese to Humanese, fast

Estonian Ministry of Finance
#IA #visual_design
Project budget:
> 1M €
January 2014 – August 2014


Bureaucracy in communicating with European Union agencies is notorious. And the most tedious of them all is applying for EUSF money.

Previously, projects were managed via a combination of paper forms, e-mails, forms created from Excel spreadheets, and phone support provided by officials; with notable differences in over 15 different Estonian government agencies.


I developed a system for the general public to better understand and manage the whole process for EUSF applying - from the name of the project, to the last (electronic) signature.

The old system organised information based on type of document. It could be an application, a report of some type, or something else. But the type of the document gave users absolutely no indication about what should be done next with one's project.

The new system covered every step of the process, presenting it in a visual timeline, organised in chronological order.

Project done while employed by Nortal, in cooperation with Kristjan Napa. Graphic design by Jüri Muhhin.


Esfos screenshot
First form for starting application process. There is a lot of data input involved, but help text is split into micro doses and located just where it needs to be.

Esfos screenshot
Main project view with timeline and actionable dates on the left.

Esfos screenshot
Dashboard with amount of money received, last events and next actions to take.

Esfos screenshot
Simplified wireframe explainig the information architecture.